What do you see around you, in West Greenville? Have you ever been curious about the railroad that runs parallel to Pendelton Street? The individuals who worked in Brandon Mill? In a publication produced by Greenville Journals, Fall of 2017, we published the stories we recorded over the summer. Stories of the incredible individuals, businesses, and institutions, both past and present, who have contribute to the making of this place.

Creative Visualization Project

Our engagement with student volunteers to create visual histories of West Greenville included a collaboration with Legacy Early College High School and the Frazee Dream Center. Below are some images from our creative mapping and symbols painting that will be displayed in the Warehouse Theatre, September 22-October 8 in conjuncture with the run of their play, Clybourne Park.


Virtual Tour

Navigate* through these Google street-view maps to get a sense of:

  • How this community is designed
  • Where businesses and institutions are located
  • How much this area has changed in the last 10 years.





* To see details about businesses and civic agencies (pinned to the map to the right) expand the side panel by clicking the icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Street view recorded in 2008


Street view recorded in 2017