New Media New South

A platform for sharing the legacy of the South

past and present


NMNS is fueled through the social innovation teams of Openfields and Capita Social in collaboration with TOSS, a visual arts studio. Through partnerships with non-profits, volunteers, and students, NMNS is a multimedia storytelling endeavor. 


Our goal is to celebrate and share the stories of the South, past and present, resulting in cultural productions designed to create a cohesive narrative for our diverse communities. 

These productions include:

  • An exhibition of our creative storytelling projects, done in collaboration with students and volunteers in a specific community.

  • A digital archive of these projects, featuring stories of the South and descriptions of our student engagement projects.



Specific communities are chosen and featured each summer, beginning with the Brandon Mill community in West Greenville, SC, summer 2017. 


The NMNS team chooses a specific community to featured and works closely with community members to generate a creative storytelling experience.


As the South continues to grow and change, connectivity is critical. Whether it is connecting existing residents with new institutions, or newcomers with established institutions, NMNS seeks to bring these voices together.