NMNSwgvl sought to create a platform for sharing the legacy of West Greenville, past and present.

About this Project


Our goal was to celebrate and share the stories of West Greenville -past and present- highlighting individual stories and creating a cohesive narrative for this community. Through partnership with non-profits, volunteers, and students, this project was a multimedia storytelling endeavor which took place summer 2017.


It's is all about West Greenville. Our office is located in West Greenville, on Lois St. We love to connect, feel free to reach out here.


  •  An online archive
  • A publication featuring profiles of residents, descriptions of our student engagement projects, and resources
  •  An exhibition of our creative work, done in collaboration with students and volunteers throughout West Greenville


As the Village of West Greenville grows, developing a unique presence within the City of Greenville, NMNS sought to connect those new to the community with existing residents and institutions. We believe this builds a stronger neighborhood, a more empathetic city, and a more connected world.


After the project concluded in the Fall of 2017, our digital archive was published, and opened to the public.